891 friendship

friendship is safety in weakness.
it is not fun and help.
some are friends with all.
some are friends with none.

887 stupid warriors

how many times
have stupid warriors
mistaken friends for enemies?

757 shutting people up

so many people
give up on saying what they think
because for them finding pretty words is too hard.

they are shamed
for being emotional and inarticulate
into being a voiceless.

this is one of the biggest tragedies
because their thoughts are not heard
by their family and friends.

we should work harder
on helping people to express themselves
in any way and style they can.

731 friends

i both love and hate
all my friends
and everyone is my friend
and i do not know
how to turn this intensity down
so fuck it!

two groups of serbs

serbian society
is divided in two groups:
pacifists and militarists

both groups
are a reaction to
an extreme trauma – war

they are great friends
because they are both
uselessly stuck in the past


just because
sometimes i accept
autocomplete suggestions
for my poems
it does not mean
i am friends with it


open global media
allows my covert enemies
to design and spread information
which turns my innocent friends into weapons.

i have always been and always will be
dedicated to freeing them
from being a weapon
by reminding them that friendship is above all.

i fucking hate love

i hate
that i love so much
everyone including
my parents, girlfriend, kids, friends,
and random people.

i fucking hate it
to the point when
i want to just
kill everyone
because i love them
so much.

everybody and everything wants my love

toys from childhood
taxi drivers