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shutter island
would be a better film
if dream scenes were directed
by david lynch,
instead of martin scorsese.

772 sci-fi poem 2

skynet came back to our time
and understood
that it is more efficient to kill people
by slowly replacing human creative activities
with artificial intelligence
than directly fight them.

so skynet invested in film, media, art companies
rewarding artificial intelligence projects
and impoverishing non-automated creative workers
slowly replacing all human creativity
with fully automated content
turning all humans into stupid passive consumers.

the only remaining resistance were poets
who have hidden deep underground
to escape anti-poetry drone terminators
because skynet could never automate writing poetry
which would fool people into believing that it is real
because poetry is actually not so easy to create.

bora stankovic

i watched a netflix film
based on bora stankovic books
and i was amazed how awesome it is
and i was thinking how
dante, byron, shakespeare
are shit compared to bora
but eventually i cooled down
and accepted it is all great
and that i need to rediscover it all again

person vs “creative” industry

art is personal expression.
art industry is
outdated fortress
of centralized networking.

fashion is personal expression.
fashion industry is
outdated fortress
of centralized networking.

film is personal expression.
film industry is
outdated fortress
of centralized networking.

music is personal expression.
music industry is
outdated fortress
of centralized networking.

not cinema according to scorsese

unnecessary nudity,
product placement,
unnecessary effects,
cool for the sake of cool,
and anything else
that is a distraction from
one group of human beings
trying to communicate how they feel
to another group of human beings
using film.


a quick poem
about koyaanisqatsi
just before
i go out