we are at war

we are all warriors
in a global war.
the enemy wants us
to not create
and to just be passive.
we must fight
by creating
no matter how
stupid it can appear
because feeling stupid
is the mindfuck
of the enemy.

life of an idea

comic book

i wrote this poem

i just felt like writing a poem
because writing a poem
makes me feel
like i did something
really good


the worst tragedy
is to come up with a great idea
and forget it a minute after.

what is left is
only a feeling
of utter inability and neglect.

fabrica reunion

i wish pieter hugo
would come to the fabrica reunion
because i still feel extremely bad
that he thought
that i deliberately pushed him
after i was his guest in his home
for a whole week.
although i did not do it
and i said i am sorry hundred times
and he understood each time
i still need to see
true forgiveness on his face.