1191 universe is ours

when i look at the infinite void
of the universe
i do not feel small and meaningless.
i am not afraid of it.

i imagine how we will spread
to every part of it
and give it beauty and meaning.

1186 fuck books

just because you
read, own, write, quote a lot of books,
it does not mean you know shit.

books are just a fucking product
made to help you feel smarter than others.
they are a louis vuitton bag.

sure, writing a book
takes a lot of brain effort
but so does masturbating ten times a day.

smart people were much more useful
before books were invented.
they did not need 300 pages to be heard.

if you want to be smart
do not buy things
that make you feel smart.

1163 milano 2023

i feel something is
quite shitty about milano
but i am afraid to say it
because i do not want
to offend my friends
and i love milano
because it was my home.
what should i do?

1162 the reason?

there is a reason
why we feel the pain
of every person we lost
every punch we gave
every insult we spoke
for our entire lives

1107 sadness

all people feel sad
when the things they know
are not understood by others.
we are made like this
so we would teach each other.
enjoy it.
have a great weekend!

1025 thank you henry rollins

thank you henry rollins
for making the song “liar”
because it made me feel
like i am not the only one
who feels like that

1023 digital art

digital art does not need
to be digital.

it just needs to make you
think and feel about digital.

937 new shirt

did you buy
a new shirt
a salesperson
made you feel bad?

725 nostalgia

at the same time
i feel great nostalgia
for the stone age
and the far future
and i try to connect it
to the very moment i am in

renaissance v2

this sunday
i have spent
one hour
on writing and sharing
my poetry.
this is much more
than usual
but it is enough
for me to feel
like i started
a renaissance v2.

not cinema according to scorsese

unnecessary nudity,
product placement,
unnecessary effects,
cool for the sake of cool,
and anything else
that is a distraction from
one group of human beings
trying to communicate how they feel
to another group of human beings
using film.

i wrote a poem about yale q&a expectations

i hope
someone asks me
a question
that makes me feel
like someone gets me
you know
what i mean?