1077 science vs religion

neither science nor religion
know everything
and what they know
is not directly useful
in our every day lives
so they should
take it a bit easier

963 is life easier?

life now is harder than ever before.

technology did not make life easier.
technology made life harder.

life is easier with simple needs.
life is harder with complex needs.

695 i am still not sure

after two decades
of writing poems
i am still not sure
if i should write numbers
as digits or words

when read silently
the brain hears numbers
in both cases
the same way

it is easier to read digits
but maybe not so pretty

becoming someone else

it is easier
to become someone else
when it is done for a big reward

fixing racism

if you understand
as a fear from
getting fucked over
instead of
a need to
fuck someone else over
then it is easier
to fix

lets go to war

theres nothing else to do
we are super bored
those people over there
do not like our food
lets kill them
we need more money
they have it
lets kill them and take it
its easier than
selling them shit
lets go to war
because it is fun
most people
are fucking terrified of war
but fuckem
it is fun for us