1258 not a bathroom

if we talk
on the phone
and you hear an echo
i just want to make it clear
that i am not in a bathroom
sitting on a toilet

1216 metaphors are stupid

i am not a fan of metaphors
hardly anyone gets them
and anyone assign
any meaning they want
and they are annoying
and anyone who uses metaphors
seems like a pretentious asshole.

just to be clear
when i say i am not a fan
i mean that i am not a ventilator.
a ventilator made of metaphors.

1174 why are my poems so short?

my poems are usually
very short
because i want them
to be as fast as paintings
and as clear as jokes

1054 humiliation

it is clear that
humiliation makes us wiser
but how much and which type
is not clear

769 artificial intelligence

at this point
it is clear
that artificial intelligence
is not here to help us
participate and cooperate
but to make us
more passive and marginal

767 what it takes

it was always clear
that individual success requires
extreme human specialization
which can only be achieved by mentally ill


sometimes its a clear day
and im just doing my usual stuff
and it comes to me
i just realize
how fucking cool metallica is