history of politicians

when humans created bigger groups
they also created politicians
to manage their collective decisions.

soon after politicians
started cheating and lying to humans
for their own gain.

to free themselves from politicians
humans adopted new methods
for collective decision making.

newly freed humans
united into a single humankind
and unlocked the next level of consciousness.


if i knew the exact moment of my death
i would burn myself a minute before
so i can be like thich quang duc

at any point in my life

i would not like
to have my penis cut off
by a cigar cutter
to fall face down and
break my teeth on a rock
to insult someone so much
that they never speak to me again
to have lumbal punction
or to burry my children
while dying of
a very painful cancer
while my wife is cheating
on me with my best friend
who owes me money