1249 eric schmidt’s killer drones

they are not kamikaze drones.
kamikaze were honorable
dedicated soldiers.

these are killer drones
loaded with explosives
which can enter your home
find your kids hiding under the bed
and explode their head.

they are cheap to make
so governments can just
print imaginary money
and make millions of killer drones.

they are more dangerous
than nuclear weapons
because they can kill millions
in a matter of few hours
for a fraction of a cost
without damaging
real estate and infrastructure.

1100 i am in thessaloniki, again

i am in thessaloniki this weekend,
so please call me to hang out.
i will pay your cheap drinks.
my number is +38163268906.
we love meeting new people.
virgins with high iron blood preferred.

old poetry

long time ago
poems manipulated
the readers
with cheap emotions
and distracted
with useless rhyme.
well, not anymore.

i will not sell out cheap

i will not sell out
i will not sell
i will not
i will