1101 my favorite towel 2

i love my favorite towel so much
that i dry it in a special place
and i use it only for my body
and i am always careful with it.
it really is the most privileged towel
of all the towels that we have.

1079 compassion

the image of
my father’s dead body
reminds me that
everyone i see
will end up like that

766 body

i enjoy thinking so much
that i start believing
i would be better off without a body
as a pure thought energy
drifting through the universe.

but then i remember
that without a body
i would miss hugging my kids so much
that i would feel thinking pain
for an entire eternity.

fluid gender identity

majority of
fluid gender identity changes
are about
who washes the dishes.

but if you own a dishwasher or you hire a maid
then you might need to use
extreme fashion and body modifications
to express yourself.

afterlife happiness and paranoia

i physically died
but i was still conscious.

it took me few moments
to realize that this is afterlife,
that i exist as a spirit
and that i did not end
with my body.

i felt enormously happy.
i was terrified of death
all my life
and there is no death.

but then i thought
what if this ends as well?

rafael rozendaal

a child in a man’s body
or a man in a child’s body
is the question now
but he has big ears
and is surely a fine lad