1271 thank you for ass cheeks

i am thanking
whoever designed
something so beautiful
as ass cheeks
to hide something so nasty
as an asshole.

maybe it was
god, alines, or nature.
whoever it is,
i am sure they are
very clever designers.

1244 you are an asshole if

you are an asshole
if you are making media content
which decreases smart cooperation
by promoting irrationality and division,
and if you believe people
should just shut up and buy.

1216 metaphors are stupid

i am not a fan of metaphors
hardly anyone gets them
and anyone assign
any meaning they want
and they are annoying
and anyone who uses metaphors
seems like a pretentious asshole.

just to be clear
when i say i am not a fan
i mean that i am not a ventilator.
a ventilator made of metaphors.

1088 the power of poetry

if i do nothing all day
or i am an asshole all day
and i write at least one poem
and publish it online
then i believe
it was a good day

743 money does not matter

it does not matter
how much money you have,
it matters
how you made it

if you made money
by being an asshole
you can not fix it
by giving money away

i am a nice and smart poet

sometimes i write
too many nice and smart poems
and then i feel a need to write
a poem that reminds me and you
that i am also an asshole and an idiot
but those poems
again turn out nice and smart.
i guess i can not help it:
i am a nice and smart poet.

levels of truth seeking

thinking is useless
you can always think nice thoughts
and still be an idiotic asshole

talking is almost useless
you can say nice smart things
and still be an idiotic asshole

action is mostly useful
because it is hard to fake yourself and others
once it is isolated from bullshit talking and thinking

talking action is a weird option
because talking can be trusted
if it tries really hard to create the right action

freedoms we must fight for

freedom to live forever
freedom to not be a citizen
freedom to belong to no nation
freedom to be a philosopher without knowing anything about philosophy
freedom to be important
freedom to have talent without talent
freedom to be accepted
freedom to be completely change everything about yourself every day
freedom to be the biggest asshole
freedom to be stupid and still be treated as smart
freedom to be valuable somehow

true love

if we really love
our children
we will be complete
assholes to them
so they hate us
and never get sad
because we died

thank you oppenheimer

nuclear bomb
made everyone smarter
by a factor of gazillion.

it transformed ultranationalism
from a serious state policy
into cheap talk for moronic assholes.

the first nuclear explosion
was the birth
of real diplomacy.

you sir

you sir
are a worthless
piece of shit
in the bottom of
my diarrhea
infected by alien
vermin from
a plan which smells
like one big slime
and looks like
negro’s asshole
in a galaxy
which is never
far away enough

you sir
i hate and despise
so much
that when i
just think of you
i go blind
my hair falls off
and my dick
starts to sing
my ass
pukes blood
and i get instant
photographic memory
and can see
through walls

you sir
if you ever die
i will be so happy
that i will
start glowing
in dark
discover the cure
for stupidity
and invent
the character
question and exclamation
all people around me
will become dolphins
and all animals will
learn to do calculus