a free year of life

this morning
while taking a shower
i forgot how old i was.

as soon as i got out
i asked irena if i was
fourty four or fourty five years old.

she told me i was forty four years old.
i was very happy because
i won a free year of life.


i am 44
and every day
i am discovering ideas
which excite me very much.
i will probably discover ideas
for another 40 years
which is even more exciting.
i can not wait to see which idea
i discover on my last day
and i hope i can share it.
i also am eager to enjoy
the whole process until then.

i am 44 years old

i am at the age when
i can say that
i am at the half of my life
but i am closer to the age
when i have to stop
saying that
unless i am in lotr.