1301 art is hard!

one of the hardest moments
for every artist
is when they realize
that they are doing
exactly the same things
as someone thirty years ago.

artists who survive this moment
will live on forever,
but unfortunately many die here.

984 i have beaten obesity

for about a week
my bmi was 30.1.

i skipped two dinners,
went to the gym once,
did one 20 minute run,
and took a huge shit.

now my bmi is 29.9.
anyone can do it!

853 how my ceo brain works

3.1 % about money
30 % about people
99 % about changing the world

694 30 seconds a day

i am 90 percent sure
that looking at the clouds
for 30 seconds a day
is a good thing

wildest sex

my wildest sex experience
was sex on a beach
all thirty of us were covered
with fly bear blood
and instead of cumshots
we had laser beams
that burned through the planet
and straight to another universe
and the sound of this massive shag
was so strong
that it went back in time
and altered history
and the air smelled so good
that everybody who smelled it
died instantly
it was very good sex

thank you mr. death

for letting me live
so long
im already 30
that is already
way too much
a bit more would
be ok
but i am not
whatever you decide
is cool with me