1307 analysis of the USA political crisis

truth is an asset, just like real estate,
in a representative democracy

representative democracy duopoly
divides all the truth
between the two ruling parties.

each party invests all energy
to discredit the truth
owned by the other party.

this results in both parties spending
all their resources
on denying all the truth.

this is how a society stops
to be based in truth
and starts to be based in power.

the only way to save this society
is to innovate democracy
to use, not deny the truth.

1289 who not to join? part 2

never support or join
an organization
which wants or claims
to be the only one
that represents an idea

1245 independence scale

1 alto adige
2 veneto
3 sicilia
4 basque country
5 texas
6 navajo nation
7 catalonia
8 republika srpska
9 kosovo
10 palestine

1226 accidents do not repeat

all politicians dream
of managing foreign policy
because this is one thing
where little people
can not tell them what to do.

all foreign policy
always ends up killing children.
not one or two,
but hundreds and thousands,
and tens of thousands of children.

and there is zero money
invested in advancing democracy
but there are trillions invested
in weapons that always end up
killing children.

1221 career advice 1

there are two types of people:
those who believe
only few are ubermensch
and everyone else
is not and never will be,
and those who believe
everyone is or will be
an ubermensch.

never work for the first type.
give everything you can
to the second type.

1092 clouds again

as you can see
from my last two poems
and my previous poems
i am very bad at writing poems
about current tragic events
so i will stick to writing poems
about clouds

1005 socialism and capitalism

capitalists accepted socialism.
socialists accepted capitalism.

so it is time to stop pretending
these two are exclusive
and start using them as they are:

only two of thousands
of specific solutions
each needed to solve
a specific problem.

reject idiotic divisive simplifications.
accept empowering complexity.

984 i have beaten obesity

for about a week
my bmi was 30.1.

i skipped two dinners,
went to the gym once,
did one 20 minute run,
and took a huge shit.

now my bmi is 29.9.
anyone can do it!

888 how to be a philosopher in 4 easy steps

step 1 – select terms:
chose words that represent
complex ideas important to you.

step 2 – define terms:
define each term with
one or more short sentences.

step 3 – define relationships between terms:
explain how terms
how they change each other.

step 4 – publish it all online

873 sexual education poem 2

watching busty shemales on females porn
is less gay than hetero porn,
but having sex with a shemale
is very gay.

855 two types of people

when will i die?
how will i die?

772 sci-fi poem 2

skynet came back to our time
and understood
that it is more efficient to kill people
by slowly replacing human creative activities
with artificial intelligence
than directly fight them.

so skynet invested in film, media, art companies
rewarding artificial intelligence projects
and impoverishing non-automated creative workers
slowly replacing all human creativity
with fully automated content
turning all humans into stupid passive consumers.

the only remaining resistance were poets
who have hidden deep underground
to escape anti-poetry drone terminators
because skynet could never automate writing poetry
which would fool people into believing that it is real
because poetry is actually not so easy to create.

753 critical thinking poem – brushing teeth

why do i need
to brush my teeth
three times a day
three minutes each time?

why not
two times a day
for one minute?

what is gained
with extra one time a day
and with two extra minutes per brushing?

695 i am still not sure

after two decades
of writing poems
i am still not sure
if i should write numbers
as digits or words

when read silently
the brain hears numbers
in both cases
the same way

it is easier to read digits
but maybe not so pretty

the truth about the world war two

the winner of the world war two is the evil
and the loser is the good,
same as in every war before.

it was not a war between countries
as the history books
want us to believe.

it was a war between
the politicians – the evil,
and the common people – the good.

and the common people
got fucked over, like in every war,
while the psychopath politicians had fun.

racists do not try many cakes

some people
do not want to try my cake
just because
i was born in a specific longitude and latitude
and the smallest part of my dna
has mutated slightly differently two thousand years ago

two groups of serbs

serbian society
is divided in two groups:
pacifists and militarists

both groups
are a reaction to
an extreme trauma – war

they are great friends
because they are both
uselessly stuck in the past

2nd february 2022 poems report

i am not sure
if my poems
are becoming even more cringy
or my perception is changing.
either way,
i will proceed down this path
of cringe.

political duopoly is bullshit

every person
has a number of political choices
and in a political duopoly
two parties will divide
all these choices
between them
two highly hateful groups.

this kind of bullshit
will keep on going
with every new choice
for thousands of years
because these two parties
will never allow
any change.

a perfect poet

thinks like a
hundred year old
feels like a
two year old

bill gates

that guy
wrote basic
one version of it
at least
with two other guys
thats cool
no matter what