1199 how to manage rewarding

do not be an egomaniac
who gives only 1 reward of 10,000 euro
but give 100 rewards of 100 euro.

also it is a bit stupid
to give 1,000 rewards of 10 euro
or 10 rewards of 1,000 eur.

and make sure to reward
everyone in the world
instead of just the people in your village.

1099 how new york got its name

1000 years ago
york was old
but then it became new
and that is it.
this is a stupid poem.
i thought it would be better.
i am very sorry.

1087 i want more than 1000 years

if i lived 1000 years i would:
speak 20 languages,
play 5 instruments,
master charcoal drawing,
design and build many houses,
work as a scientist for a century,
start at least 50 businesses,
write 20 books,
write 100,000 poems,
have 40 children,
compete in almost every sport…

999 i have a dream

one day with a lot of hard work
and extreme dedication
and with impossible sacrifices
i will write poem 1000.

i will suffer and endure.
i hope i make it.
i will survive.
i will do it.

cross your fingers.
pray for me.
thank you for your support.

philosophy innovation

most of philosophy
sounds really stupid
at the moment of creation
because it creates
solutions which can be used
maybe in a few thousand years

racists do not try many cakes

some people
do not want to try my cake
just because
i was born in a specific longitude and latitude
and the smallest part of my dna
has mutated slightly differently two thousand years ago


no one
moved it
for few thousand