935 kamikaze design

i have reached
the ninth level of design –
the kamikaze level –
designing products
which can change the world
but do not change it
and instead change few people
who might design products
which change the world.

i can still reach
the tenth level of design,
the god level –
designing products
which change the world.

761 i failed in not reacting

on 14:42 wednesday 10 august 2022
i reacted to a youtube video
failing to operate using only
my own independent thought

760 i will not react anymore

on 14:40 wednesday 10 august 2022
i will completely stop reacting
and will operate using only
my own independent thought

756 thank you joshua james clancy

on instagram
you saw a poetry competition
offering ten thousand us dollars
and of all the poets in the world
you chose to tag me in the comment.

that made my day
and i hope this poem
makes your day,
or at least an hour.

being tagged by you
made me more happy
than winning that competition.

i would like to buy you a drink.
if you are in serbia or italy
give me a call at +381632689

doors of perception

write ten poems or draw ten drawings
and you are bound to stumble upon
some kind of a truth
which was hidden from you
your entire life.

it is that easy
to open the doors of perception
if you have the courage.

but the better you become
in writing poems and drawing drawings
the more poems and drawings
you must make
to open the doors
and it gets scarier and scarier.

consciousness explained

take a 10 minute drive
to a supermarket
and let your mind drift away.
one part of your mind
will continue driving
and the other will think
about the universe
or imagine crazy stuff
better than any movie ever made.

what is love

for ten years
every day
i ask martina
if she loves me
and she never


like being the only person
on a small sinking boat in january
in the middle of the ocean at night
and there are about fifty sharks
swimming around your sinking boat
and they are very hungry
and you have aids for ten years
and never told anyone
and you are sorry for so many things
but you can not apologize to anyone
because soon you will sink and
sharks will eat you